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Speed Update - PageSpeed a ranking factor in Google mobile search engine

Date Added: 07/03/2019 11:43

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What is PageSpeed?

PageSpeed is one of the ranking factors in the Google search engine, which has long been taken into account in desktop search results and has recently been included in the search engine on mobile devices. What does this mean for website owners? This means that loading pages on your smartphone or tablet will affect the location of the mobile website . Pages that are loaded very slowly and do not meet mobile requirements may lose their position in search results on mobile devices.

How do you improve your PageSpeed score?

  • Remove unnecessary redirects from the web site and cause slow loading
  • Sort the source code of the web site
  • Reduce graphics files and photos on the website. This is especially true for example photo galleries or portfolios.
  • Remove unnecessary add-ons and uninstall applications that install the web site,
  • Choosing a good host,
  • Using the browser's cache.
There are many tools on the internet that let you control what a website is currently performing. These tools, for example, include PageSpeed Insights and test my site with Google.If you get a low result, these tools will tell you how to improve the page load time. They will also offer specific tips and optimization solutions. You should also Verify website performance with the Chrome User Experience Report and the lighthouse plugin for Chrome. An important step to optimize the site for mobile devices is to be sensitive to the site, so that you can easily adapt the layout of the site to the size of the displayed screen.

Which Websites may lose their current position in the ranking?

Speed update focuses on punishing mobile versions of running websites very slowly, leaving something very desirable to load the site. The Google search engine depends on constantly improving the content search and consumption of this content through www pages made in RWD technology. If a particular site scored 60-80 points in Google PageSpeed, the changes will not affect the ranking of the page. However, if a particular website gets up to a dozen points and leaves too much to be asked for the server's response time, the new Google algorithm will certainly notice it. The processing speed affects the first impression, but it is one of several parameters, so it is important to display the website correctly on smart phones. Currently, more than 50% of internet traffic is registered using smart phones.

Why is loading speed important when placing the page?

The installation time of a web site is a very important issue for each user. When we navigate the site, when we find someone that appears very slowly, we mostly leave it and look for what we need on another page. Free download of the site affects popularity and the success of reaching a particular offer to the user. We are looking for information quickly and expect the Websites to adapt to our speed. Especially when we consider mobile devices. Using the internet on mobile devices still gaining popularity. and probably in the near future Therefore, today mobile websites performance on the device further attentionit is.