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Social Media Tracking

How does social media help build your company's image?

Social media have a lot of power to shape mass awareness, so they gather a large group of people around websites and web portals. This is especially useful for companies in the small and medium-sized businesses sector that want to reach the largest audience. In order for marketing to be effective on social media, you must first focus on creating new content that will attract users' attention and encourage them to visit the site. The solutions we offer to our customers are always innovative, original and adapted to the sector where the activities are carried out. Only such action can guarantee success on social media.

Where do we work?


Currently in excess of 27 million to 900 million people from around the world, Turkey is the largest social network on which it is registered. More than 50% of users with Facebook accounts use the site at least once a day. In online marketing, Facebook is primarily an interactive social media that allows you to increase your company's profits. Therefore, it is very important to evaluate the company's strategy from the very beginning of the company's likes page.

A company should have its own fan page

  • Image - Creating company image
  • Communication - fast information transfer and response from fans
  • Ads - reaching the audience through advertising
  • Customers - acquiring new customers
  • Search engine visibility - fan page entries support SEO activities



: A channel that allows you to combine several different services offered by Google. This website collects nearly 10 million users in Turkey, and unfortunately belongs to one of the most visited websites.Although not appreciated, you should not forget this, because events on Google+ support SEO activities.