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Google Search Shopping tab

Added date: 31/08/2018 11:43

google search shopping tab

Will there be a breakthrough for online shopping and will there be a threat to celebrity comparison websites?

The Turkish version of Google Search Engine has a new "shopping" tab. Google is a greeting to people who are more willing than conventional shopping. The new functionality works successfully in the USA, UK, Germany and even in Turkey. With new functionality, users can search for interesting offers from the level of search results. This is to help shorten the search for interesting things that internet users want to buy, and the content presented is obtained from the "price comparison site". To enter the shopping option, simply click on the "shopping" tab in the menu, and then enter the product you are interested in into the search engine.

How does "shortcuts" work?

The Google Shopping policy is simple, sellers provide information about various products and Google combines this data with customers needs. After the search engine users enter the product they are looking for, they receive the ads from printers offered by various online stores, such as the Nike sports shirt. The guidelines for showing ads are the same as ad-supported links, so they pay more for a click. Unfortunately, the Turkish version does not have all the features like in other countries yet. In the U.S., for example, we may view the product in all directions, check the reliability of a particular vendor, take advantage of commercial promotions, or use product catalogs where you can add your product offer. Probably one day these functions will emerge in Turkey.

Advantages of Google Shopping

You can choose product price range, preferred vendor, and traditional price ranking by browsing through the quotation marks displayed. Once you've entered the search engine, all bids for the previously mentioned digital printers, which are supported by the ads sellers, appear. In addition, among the search results found in "Google Shopping," it is worth adding that these websites ' offers are also displayed and that they are running Shopping campaigns in AdWords. Now we can only expect new Google functionality when it begins to compete with existing competitors on the market.

Disadvantages of new functionality

The disadvantage of new functionality is that we receive referrals from sellers for products advertised in ad campaigns during search, so some internet users will look for better offers. So some internet users will look for better offers. This is, of course, an ad that everyone can't afford.Therefore, the offer that is not necessarily offeredcan be the most advantageous offer on the network.Only medium and large-scale stores can participate in such advertising campaigns.

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