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Online Store

A professional online shop

Electronic commerce is a constantly growing industry and the potential of online sales is so great that you invest in time, information and financial resources by running a store on the Internet. Online stores give businesses her zaman müşterilerin gereksinimlerini ve gereksinimlerini karşılamaya çalışırız.a lot of opportunity with sponsored ads, so they have a significant advantage over fixed stores..

ing: Below you can read the basic functions of online stores.

Product options

eticarete-commerce. Entering product information (name, image, price, description), labeling (promotion, new), removal and addition of new products, their filtering, determination of usability.

Content management

The ability to delete, add and edit store categories, assign products to specific categories, and edit content on individual sub-pages.


: View all orders (order number, total, order status), delete or edit orders.

Payments and additions

Ability to search products by keyword. Secure internet payment (virtual pos) module binding.

Advantages of having an online store:

  • Opportunity to reach more potential customers with a commercial offer - Global Access
  • Better presentation of commercial offer.
  • Simple and fast updating of commercial offer.
  • ing: The customer is entitled to have access to your commercial store 24/7.
  • Reduza os custos de funcionamento de uma empresa: menos em execução, sem custos de manutenção, mais acesso, vendas e comércio.
  • Freedom of operation regardless of location.