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Creating web sites

We will design a website where your customers can easily handle transactions.

: We specialize in professional website development for companies and individual customers. Web sites created by us are tailored to the needs of the buyers and we use the latest and proven technologies to create them. We believe that only all items can enable buyers to buy faster, order services, or fill out the contact form. In addition, by creating a website, we believe that SEO meets the requirements and can be optimized for Google search in a simple way. As a result, our customers provide their websites with lower costs for the needs of online marketing.

Web site application stages :

: Creating websites is a complex and demanding process, and every website created by our company needs to determine the needs and expectations of our customers. The process of creating a website can be divided into several stages.

web sitesi ihtiyaç analizi

website needs analysis

Analysis of customer needs is the key to creating a functional website. Therefore, we make every effort to get as much information as possible about the client's requirements during the meeting.

çözüm seçimi

Solution process

Based on the information obtained during the meeting and preliminary findings with the customer, the structure and functionality of the website are determined. Then, the technology to create the website will be selected.



As part of this phase, the first draft of the website and a general theme are presented. At each stage, the project follow-up is followed through the web site address given to the customer.

web site kodlama


At this stage, the graphic design offered to the customer's taste is replaced by the code. The coding is intended to re-prepare the graphic design and page depending on the proper operation and display of the page.

website testi

Working Test

Before the website is presented to the end user, the website is tested. A complete check of each function is made and final corrections are made.

website yayınlama

Owning a Website

The new website, which is fully accepted by the customer, is installed on the specified server. At this stage, the customer receives free training in the management of the website.

Responsive website

Web sites are not just browsing desktops or laptops. At this time, the number of Internet users on mobile devices is increasing. From year to year, traffic from mobile devices is growing, so make sure the website is adapted to all mobile devices.

Measure website Value

It's no secret that having a responsive website is becoming increasingly important to Google. In the search engine, sensitive websites are displayed first. If there is anyone suspected so far, it should probably not be a suspicion to consider reactivity as a trend. Furthermore, we believe that responsive websites are the foundation of any company that wants to reach as many customers as possible.

The advantages of having a responsive site

  • Easier to get mobile clients
  • more visits
  • better conversion
  • Higher position on mobile searches on Google search engine
  • quick and easy communication with the customer
  • strengthen brand awareness
  • ability to browse the site in all circumstances

web site teknoloji

    What will you gain by cooperating with us?

    • Understandable. An easy-to-use and eye-catching website.
    • Advice, comments and all information about the project.
    • Your website will be on top of the Google search engine.
    • Contents linked to external pages
    • Website availability in any software language.

    and many other benefits

    Technologies applied when creating websites

    By entrusting Mest Web Design to the creation of a website, you can be sure that the project is in the hands of experienced experts. We use the latest technologies for website design and we care about the stability and security of the website.