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Google PageSpeed Insights Google Açılış Hızı Sonuçları

Date Added: 06/08/2018 11:17

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The most popular speed test

  • The opening speed of the websites is very important to us. There are many reasons why it is important. The first thing is not to strain your visitors ' patience..
  • Unfortunately, our country 82. Sort. This shows that the world average is far behind.82 on the internet speed average. the importance of the next country's Internet opening speeds is increasing. When people want to know about something on the internet. The opening speed of the Website is as important as the information given to the person.Both mobile and normal desktop computers.

How to test Google Speed?

We're going to We're going to Google Speed test site. In the address Line section, type the web site address that you want to test.We expect from GoogleGoogle is starting to analyze the website address we wrote for analysis.

What should we do after the test?

You can reach us. After you apply to us, we will conduct another test, depending on the address you provide. Google provides us with a report on what we should do in these directions he cares more. We start working in line with this report.

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