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The importance and advantages of Responsive web site

Eklenme Tarihi: 31/08/2018 11:43

responsive web site

What is your responsive website ?

With regard to a website, Responsive Web Design means that it is suitable for all devices where a particular website can be viewed. So you can see content and photos in the right way on your content, devices like desktops, phones and tablets. In this way, users can browse our website in any device in a transparent, easy and comprehensive way.

Responsive website and mobile site - is it the same?

Most of the time, these terms are used interchangeably, but they do not mean the same. Mobile websites are a separate entity. They are independent of the web site that is opened on the computer. It is specially designed for mobile devices and implemented independently of the traditional website. The mobile website may look different and may contain different content from the page that opens on your computer. Most of the time, the mobile website m.alanadı the subfield that contains the letter "M" opens as follows. The sensitivity causes different content editing, but is still the web site that we open on a computer with the same domain.

Advantages and disadvantages of responsive web site

The advantage of vulnerable sites (RWS) is that the generated content is displayed correctly on each device. This makes the site look great on both a desktop computer and on a tablet or smartphone. Maintaining a responsive web site generates lower costs than executing a mobile and fixed site separately. What's more, sensitive websites reach higher positions in search results. The only disadvantage of RWS is high application costs. The cost of the Website is high because the design of the Website is from scratch, from the layout of all the staff and from the operation tests.

why do you have a sensitive site?

  • Sensitivity is closely related to social media.
  • More than the social media userslike Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram , Snapchat or Google Plusare currently using mobile devices. Therefore, if the website responds, All content will be played on mobile devices.If the site is not Mobile, the conversion is lost, which means that the percentage of leaving the site immediately increases, and the user is no longer on the site. For this reason, the money spent on sponsored advertising in social media is wasted, because they can't reach many people with our mission.

  • Mobile users have different goals than users on desktop computers
  • Mobile users need fast information transmitted transparently. It has been proven that users using mobile devices have purchased it.It is also important to optimize your website. Therefore, a simple and clear interface as well as intuitive navigation should be placed. This will be a gain

  • More and more people become mobile
  • When we examine the use of mobile phones in Turkey, this rate is increasing. Similarly, as the number of users increases, the number of internet users on phones and tablets increases. In addition, Google is trying to make sure that all page owners are more responsive to their websites.

  • Visiting time and leaving the website
  • Users who visit a particular web site will not be able to stay on top of it for a long time if they have to constantly enlarge / shrink / move to get the information they are looking for. Content that looks good on your computer may not be read on your phone. If the site is not sensitive, the output speed will increase rapidly. The mobile version will stop the user for more than 10 seconds, and will encourage you to purchase, send, or communicate.

  • Google's policy increases sensitivity
  • Google has been pushing websites to respond for some time. In 2018, mobile versions announced that the website was placed in high search results. With this update, Google moves the unresponsive page ranking down. He made a change in these positions. If you think seriously about improving your website traffic, you should first optimize it for mobile devices and thenconsider positioning it. .

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