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Google search shoping tab

Added Date: 31/08/2018 11:15
Google search shopping tab
The Turkish version of Google Search Engine has a new "shopping" tab. Google is a greeting to people who are more willing than conventional shopping. The new functionality works successfully in the USA, UK, Germany and even in Turkey. With new functionality, users can search for interesting offers from the level of search results...

Responsive (sensitive) website advantages

Added Date: 31/08/2018 11:15
Responsive Duyarlı web sitesi nedir
A sensitive web design for a web site means that a particular web site is suitable for all devices that can be viewed. This allows you to accurately view content and photos on devices such as desktops, phones, and tablets. In this way, users can browse our website in a transparent, easy and comprehensive way on any device...

Google Speed Test

Added Date: 06/08/2018 15:29
Google Speed Test
When we compare our internet connection speeds with the world, the importance of website opening speeds is increasing a bit more. All web site owners get corporate, private projects, all software and design graphics before the web site for the fast opening of effort. In this direction, we have achieved success in our studies.

Why do I need local positioning?

Added Date: 29/05/2018 17:49
Google konumlandırma
Advantages of local positioning: Local positioning is a good mechanism for all businesses. However, small companies are more likely to break the competition. Hairdressers, beauticians, watchmakers, small local shops, small bars, carpenters, restaurants are not important in the sector in which they operate. It is important to meet a condition that has a physical location and accepts customers on a regular basis...

Advantages of having a company website on Facebook

Added Date: 30/05/2018 17:40
Facebook hedef kitle
The presence of the company on social media allows the potential customers to better understand their needs and to adjust the proposal in the best way possible. Creating a Facebook profile is a great way to promote. In order for the fan page to appeal to customers and provide some benefits, sensitivity and regularity need to be updated with new content. Facebook is primarily helping with brand awareness.

features of a good website?

Added Date: 28/05/2018 17:56
features of a good website
Web design is a process that requires a lot of effort and is not so easy to create. It is important to entrust the job to someone who knows. Which trends are valid, the website should be easy to use not only for the user but also within the manager. First, the first step is to choose a good and memorable domain name. You should also check that the selected name is also available in social networks.